Pavo Group and Parallel Wireless Embark On a Strategic Collaboration to Deliver Next-Generation Mobile Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturing

  • 27 Feb 2024

Parallel Wireless, a leading pioneer of Open RAN hardware-agnostic and energy efficient GreenRAN™ solutions, and Pavo Group, a domestic advanced technology provider and industry leader in avionic systems, communication, information security, aviation, and defence fields in Türkiye, have entered into a strategic collaboration to manufacture, market, and complement knowledge and skills in mobile telecommunication equipment.

Covering a wide geographic area including the Gulf Cooperation Council-GCC, Caucasus countries, Eastern Europe, and North Africa, Pavo Group and Parallel Wireless Türkiye together will accelerate the production and distribution of mobile telecommunication equipment through this collaboration.

Parallel Wireless will provide its next-generation GreenRAN™ technology and RRU/BBU hardware and software developed for 4G/5G Cellular Communication Networks, and will be responsible for the promotion and distribution of these products in the region. Parallel Wireless’ GreenRAN™, built around hardware-agnostic cross-platform Open RAN technology, is designed to optimize energy usage and operational efficiency. Its technology flexibility and significant power reduction features accelerate the GSMA’s Mobile Net Zero initiative, driving a more sustainable future for service providers.

Pavo Group will manufacture hardware units compatible with the specifications determined by Parallel Wireless in its facilities in Türkiye, and will provide support in marketing, on-site installation, integration, maintenance, software support and repair activities related to the network in the specified region.

This strategic collaboration is a significant step towards developing an innovative and sustainable telecommunications infrastructure across the region, highlighting Türkiye’ s domestic manufacturing capabilities.

“Through our collaboration with Pavo Group, we are well positioned to revolutionize the telecommunications landscape across the Gulf Cooperation Council-GCC, Caucasus countries, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. Said Steve PAPA, CEO and Founder of Parallel Wireless. This collaboration will not only bolster Türkiye ’s domestic manufacturing expertise but also pave the way for cutting-edge energy-efficient advancements in mobile communication equipment. By leveraging innovative Open RAN hardware-agnostic technologies, we are committed to leading the industry towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, and we are excited about the transformative impact it will have on the region’s telecommunications infrastructure.”

Pavo Group CEO Serkan ALTINIŞIK described the strategic collaboration with Parallel Wireless as follows: “This collaboration represents a critical step in shaping the future telecommunications infrastructure. We aim to become a global player in the production and marketing of high-tech mobile communication equipment. By offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions in Open RAN technologies and 4G/5G network solutions, we plan to be at the forefront of the industry. This collaboration will be a strong example of technological innovation, local manufacturing, and international cooperation. Furthermore, it will strengthen Türkiye’ s role in the mobile communication sector, expand our impact in the industry, and consolidate our leadership on the global stage.”

About Pavo Group
For over 20 years, Pavo Group has been a global leader in R&D and technical solutions, headquartered in Istanbul with a global presence. Specializing in key sectors including security, defence, telecommunications, and finance, we excel in customized solutions through strong R&D and strategic partnerships. Our diverse product portfolio ranges from electro-optics to cybersecurity, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions. Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, we offer reliable and industry-tested products, enhancing global technology ecosystems while striving for excellence in every project.

About Parallel Wireless
GreenRAN™ from Parallel Wireless is expanding the ecosystem for Open RAN with energy-efficient hardware-agnostic technology. Deployed worldwide, our comprehensive hardware-agnostic 2G/3G/4G/5G Macro RAN solutions enhance network energy security while reducing operating expenses. As a leading Open RAN pioneer, we prioritize innovation and technology flexibility, making our commitment to open networks unwavering. Headquartered in USA with global R&D centres, our most critical mission is to accelerate GSMA’s Mobile Net Zero initiative. Visit

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