Research & Development

With the impact that our R&D investments give us, we shape the world and help break down barriers in science and technology. As Pavo Group, we carry out R&D activities in order to put technological sustainability on solid foundations. With the strong resources we allocate to R&D, we provide opportunities for bright minds that have the potential to shed light on the future. We give opportunities for brilliant minds with the potential to shed light on the future with the substantial resources we allocate to R&D. We are able to create distinctive and ground-breaking technologies that alter the playing field because of our aim to integrate academic methodologies with our industrial vision.


We go beyond the boundaries of scientific and technological advancement thanks to our work ethic, which is centered on producing the best, and our company culture, which is built around value creation. With our R&D efforts in numerous fields, including autonomous systems, communication systems, cyber security, and avionics systems, we continue to remain at the forefront of next generation technology. In order to adjust our current skills to new technologies and decide on the future plan, we are collaborating with our partners and the academic community.


We assist in transforming ideas into tangible results. We place focus on supporting projects and investing in concepts that have the potential to shape the future as an actor that provides useful products and solutions to the global ecosystem. We are able to build trusting ties with entrepreneurs and aspiring engineers thanks to our participation in technoparks and our active engagement with academics. We provide free office space, infrastructural assistance, and consulting in exchange for innovative, ground-breaking, and financially valuable concepts. We contribute to worldwide scientific and technology initiatives and ensure the sustainability of our success by supporting new ideas.