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We make an advantageous impact to the effective use of resources while creating distinctive customer-focused solutions owing to our corporate culture, which is based on solid foundations. We enable effective evaluation of the opportunities of our interdependent and interconnected world with our solutions that address all social dynamics.

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Through the work we do across the world, we carry the ability to change the future into the present, provide direction, break down barriers of science and technology, and closely monitor global changes.

We design and produce first-class electronic, software, and embedded system solutions, and meet even the most demanding customer requirements. Our solutions include IP network communication devices, communication/control systems, power transmission/distribution units, unmanned avionics systems, signal processing, big data, signal intelligence, signal interceptions and energy distribution systems with exceptional energy efficiency. We draw on our extensive experiences to deliver each and every project.

Furthermore, we are involved in design and manufacture of a broad range of products from ruggedized military computers to robust switches and routers that are located in data centers. As one of Türkiye's leading technology bases, we have taken on a number of strategic initiatives to advance our native technologies in sectors that are crucial for maintaining national security, and we have done so with great success. Our products have been extensively tested and used for more than a decade and have reached an excellent field experience.

As a result, our portfolio now includes distinctive products. Crucially, we have gained key competencies in various and complementary issues. This gives us the benefit of finding solutions that are unavailable to our rivals. By gathering and digesting this extensive information, we hope to concentrate on adding value for each and every one of our clients.

As Pavo Group, we strive to globally lead in security, defence, and critical technologies with efficiency, respect for humanity, and the environment


To position Pavo Group as a globally acclaimed end-to-end provider of state-of-the-art security and defence solutions


To emerge as a global leader in our fields of activity, pioneering critical technologies that empower the world with high-performance and efficient solutions while fostering respect for people, humanity, and the environment